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Principal's Message


It’s my honor to welcome the Montebello Community Day School (MCDS) Learning Community to the 2019-2020 academic year. MCDS is a referral-based school serving students from the comprehensive intermediate schools and high schools in the Montebello Unified School District. MCDS serves 7th – 12th graders and has been accredited by the Western Association of School and Colleges (WASC) with a 3-year accreditation.

 Our primary goal is to provide our at-risk student population an equivalent quality intermediate and high school education as our students’ counterparts are afforded at their respective comprehensive schools. Similarly, our initiatives are concentrated on successfully returning the students back to their home schools for a seamless transition to graduation and/or to continue with their studies.

This is a very exciting time at Montebello Community Day School. With an outstanding faculty of teachers, an extraordinary Administrator on Special Assignment, and terrific support personnel, MCDS has embraced cutting-edge approaches to improving academics, student discipline, mental health, and substance abuse support among our students.

We know that the academic year ahead be one of great educational, personal and intellectual growth for each student. The lessons learned through the coming year will be positive, impactful and lasting. We are extremely grateful to our forward-thinking predecessors as we eagerly anticipate the new school year!

Jose Franco, Principal